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When you have to take out an insurance policy for your horse, you’ll need to get showjumping insurance quotes. This will help you to find the best price for the best policy. There are various factors that impact the quotes that you’d get. Here are some of the main factors:

1. Value of your horse This can be based on several different factors. What is the breed of your horse? How old is it? Has it had any major injuries in the past? Such factors are critical for any horse, but especially for those involved in equestrian events such as showjumping. Keep in mind that such factors can have a major impact on the insurance quotes that you get for your horse. While you might be disappointed at how high certain quotes are, keep in mind that insurance companies typically use objective data to determine the rates they change for various horse insurance policies. This is based on a lot of number crunching that involves several factors related to issues related to number of claims filed, the amount of claims, etc.

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2. Potential future problems

When taking out a policy you should not only consider various factors that could affect your price quotes, but also future issues that could impact the current cost of horse insurance. For example, does your horse have any major health conditions that could require you to make claims in the future? Is your horse particularly feisty, which could result in accidental injury to riders, trainers, or the horse itself? Are there any other factors that could require more or less coverage in the future? These are all important issues to consider when getting quotes for insurance policies.

3. Use of the horse Besides using the horse for showjumping, will you be using the horse for other purposes now or in the future? For example, maybe you’re planning to use the horse for horseracing or other function in the future. If that’s the case then it will impact the quotes that you’re given by insurance companies. That’s because certain uses of the horses are higher risk than other uses. If your horse were to just graze in green pastures, then quote for horse would definitely be lower than when using the horse for showjumping, racing, etc. When horses are used for such functions, the insurance company’s risk is greater by selling you a policy. While you can still find low premiums, they’ll be relatively low if you use your horse for functions such as showjumping and racing.

4. Age of the horse
Typically horses can be insured up to 25 years or so. Insurance companies are very wary about insuring horses over that age, as it could result in many more claims being filed. Even if your horse isn’t 25 years old, older horses tend to be bigger liabilities for insurance companies, so you should certainly consider higher price quotes for them. While there’s a chance that older horses might not require any claims, statistics show that usually the opposite is true.

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5 Key Benefits of Equine Insurance

Posted By on Jul 14, 2015

Purchasing a racehorse is a big step of a very complex process. After securing one, there are tons of issues to consider. They include issues to the house while it’s on or off the racetrack. However, regardless of how you use the horse for racing, it’s highly advisable that you secure equine insurance. While there are several reasons why you should consider taking this step, here are some of the key ones:


1. Provides protection in case your horse passes away
When we own animals, this is an issue that we usually don’t like to think about. After time, animals that we own can become like a family member. Studies even show that animals can provide many emotional benefits to their owners. Arguably, you shouldn’t just consider the monetary value of your horse for racing. However, it’s an issue that you should still keep in mind as it would involve an economic loss if the horse were to pass away. That’s due to several factors related to horseracing. However, by taking out a horse insurance policy you can prepare for such an unfortunately incident.


2. Legal advice By taking out a horse insurance policy, you’ll have access to legal advice related to your horse ownership. This is critical as there can be several legal issues related to owning a horse. Most people are unfamiliar with those issues, making the advice of a legal expert extremely important. It’s especially important related to issues that affect the policy for your horse. Not having such information can result in tons of problems.

3. Coverage up to a certain age Another benefit of horse insurance is that it can insure a horse up to a certain age. This is important, as horses often live over two decades. It’s always important to ask about how long a certain policy will cover a horse. If it’s only for the short-term, then you should probably consider another policy or insurance company since you might need to keep renewing the policy.

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4. Diagnostic treatment
While checkups are important for a horse, it’s also important to pinpoint problems related to illnesses and injuries. This is definitely one of the most important components of a horse insurance policy. Without such treatment it’s quite possible that your horse’s injury or illness could become worse. Another possible problem is that your horse could receive a treatment for the wrong ailment. This stresses the importance of having diagnostic treatment.

5. Covers losses due to straying/theft
Unfortunately, even when you take various precautions to prevent horse theft and straying, there’s always a chance that such incidents could happen when you own a horse. That highlights the importance of taking out an insurance policy to prepare for such events. The loss of a horse can be quite high, and especially when it’s won some big races, has a lot of racing potential, etc. Of course, there’s always a chance that you’ll never lose your pet due to theft or straying. However, since it’s a possibility you should certainly prepare for such a situation.


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Getting a horse is an investment. As well as getting a horse insurance is another investment that is needed by you and your horse for the protection of your first investment. By the time you purchase a horse, be sure you are already thinking of its lifelong purpose. Make sure you are already thinking about the security of your horse since having a horse is an expensive kind of interest. Therefore, you need to have horse insurance. Especially if you are planning to go on shows you should consider to get yourself some eventing insurance quotes.

Essential Coverage

Protection from having insurance is needed. As there are additional benefits that are also included in basic coverage of insurance, below are some of its inclusions:

Permanent Loss – this is usually due to injury, accidents, and illness resulting in the horse not being able to participate in any activities. Usually horse insurance pays p to 60 to 100% of the insured amount.

Personal Accident – is an injury or accident that has happened to the owner of the insured horse. The insurance will be able to give financial support in the event it can be proven.

Veterinary Fees – The cost of veterinary treatments of the injury or illnesses of a horse. This would include complementary treatment and diagnostics. This will protect you from sudden illness of your horse which will make you worry out the sudden expense.

Saddlery and Tack –this covers for the damages incurred of the saddler and tack by replacement and repair.

Third Party Liability – a liability you need to shoulder upon when your horse has caused any damages to properties or has injured someone. This would be able to protect you from theses sudden accidents.
Age Of Horse
There is an insurance that provides full coverage for the horse experts. Horses should be insured for injury, accidents and illness before they reach the age 20 until the age of 25 years.

h1Choosing the insurance
Choosing the right insurance is important as it is different from the other. You should never purchase right away if you see the horse insurance quote is good. Do not base your decision on the price it offers as some coverage could vary to what are included in the insurance. Like Veterinary fees it can vary from the age to cover for the horse for illness and certain diagnostic issues are covered for this. Make sure to have all things explained to you since there are some incidents in which the horse insurance company will not pay for any activities where your horse is not insured.
Horse on loan
If you have a horse on loan, then be sure if it has horse insurance. Be sure to have an agreement with the owner. Also know what kind of insurance the horse already has from the owners, this will prevent any misunderstandings in the future. This will give you an idea what you should add on to or what you should take.

Knowing the basic ideas of horse insurance will give you clearer ideas on horse insurance is. As there is coverage included with every horse insurance, it’s better to be informed in advance. You can do more research online about the horse insurance or better yet ask any horse insurance agent what they have. Just make sure you choose the right one.


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What Does Dressage Insurance Cover?

Posted By on Jul 14, 2015

When you are into horses and love to join horse events, better have dressage insurance. This insurance is a protection for you and your horse. As nobody can ever tell what can really happen next. Having horse insurance can make you safe and secure. This is a guarantee you would be paid for something that is on damaged, illness or sudden death of your horse in return for the payment of your premium.


When you avail horse insurance, that would also depend on the horse class and age. Dressage insurance quotes can differ from different policies to different insurance companies. There are cheap policy and as well cheap premiums and expensive policy with higher premiums. This would really depend on you when you get to choose dressage insurance for your horse. As these really differ from insurance companies you might also want to know what they cover. Check below for this information:

1. Personal Injury – this type of insurance makes you secure because it protects you from being injured by your own horse.
2. Equine Travel – this is a transportation coverage type for your horse. If you are attending an event to another country or place, then you can have this kind of coverage.
3. Custody, care and control – the kind of policy by which you do not own the horse as you are the only one taking care of it. It covers the damage when it is in your care. This is suitable for those people who are training, and breeding horses.
4. Horse Liability or third party – this policy only covers you in case your own horse damages ones property or injures a person in cases where your horse get loose. If your horse then would cause death by your negligence, then it will not cover you for a criminal liability.
5. Your Horse on a trial – this is where both buyer and seller has their own responsibility to the horse. This is where the seller is now owns the horse, but the buyer is still in control and ahs the possession of the horse. Trial period would be an advantage for the buyer as he can still see and check the horse before buying it. Seller on the other hand will also be able to complete the sale in this period.
6. Infertility of the horse– it means the horse cannot breed or infertile because of sickness, accident or a disease.
7. Horse Theft – horses that are stolen especially of great value like a breeding stallion or top show horse.
8. Homeowner coverage – where you board horses in your own farm. In cases where there are storms and hurricane damage, then you are covered by this.
9.  Trailer and Track –all of your horse’s equipments are all insured relating from damage and theft.
10. Ownership – horses can be owned by different owners and you can be able to insure on this one. You can as well lease horses you like and have insurance for it.

This kind of insurance covers a lot and be sure you get one today. If you need more explanations to do you can call on your agent. Make sure they are able to explain everything and it can as well answer your questions. You can as well research more online and at the same time ask your agent.

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